Bullet Run

Bullet Run

Shoot your way to fame

Bullet Run is a massive online multiplayer first person shooter. View full description


  • Free to play
  • Tons of customization
  • Leveling system to unlock items


  • Lengthy install time
  • Guns have no weight to them
  • Generic plot

Not bad

Bullet Run is a massive online multiplayer first person shooter.

The premise of Bullet Run is that in a dystopian future, contestants are put into a televised death match. The name of the game is fame. Increase your fame to unlock more weapons and customizations. Bullet Run is free to play but additional content is available for purchase in-game.

You begin Bullet Run by creating your character. There are limited customizations in the beginning but you can unlock more as you play more. After creating your character, you can hop onto a server and play with strangers or your friends.

Bullet Run puts you into an arena where you have to shoot your way to victory against the opposing team. There are tons of different weapons and load outs that you can customize. By default you have a pistol, fully automatic gun, and grenades.

Graphics are mediocre and the character models feel very robotic within the game. Bullet Run makes no attempt to differentiate itself from other generic first person shooters. There's campy voice acting and the weapons all don't have proper weight because of the tinny sound effects they make.

Overall, Bullet Run is nothing more than a generic first person shooter that lacks polish that would have made this game fun and compelling.

Bullet Run


Bullet Run